Rotary Screw Compressor Parts & Two Stage Screw Compressor

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Ningbo Baosi Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. The company is primarily engaged in the research & development, production, and selling of the core part of the screw compressor as well as the entire ...
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Nearly 100 sets MAZAK Machining Centers from Japan MAZAK 5 Axis Multi-Tasking Machining Centers for vacuum pumps 20 sets of KAPP rotor grinding machines from Germany More than 100 sets of rotor machines and over 10 sets ...
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Ningbo Baosi Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. has nearly 100 units of Japanese Mazak machining centers, nearly 100 sets of screw rotor machines, 5 sets of German KAPP grinding machines, 3 sets of British Holroyd grinding ...
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